FAQ About Jeeters

FAQ About Jeeters

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jeeter faq

1. How to Identify Counterfeit Jeeter Products:

  Counterfeit Jeeter products are not authorized by the state or tested in a lab.  Only buy Jeeter products from approved retailers or our shops and directly from our website.

jeeter products
jeeter products

2. Online Purchases of Jeeter Products:

 Jeeter products can be ordered online from our website or  through authorized delivery services like Eaze and Weedmaps. Avoid purchasing Jeeter products from social media or e-commerce websites to prevent fraud. And Please if you feel you are being scammed please report to our brand protection 

3. What should I do if I buy a fake Jeeter product?

If you believe you have been sold a counterfeit Jeeter product, please email the packaging and a picture of the product, along with the name and contact information of the retailer you purchased the product from to Our brandprotection:Info@jeetersjuicecart.com

4.The Jitter water cart?

Jeeter Juice Carts are cannabis vapes infused with plant terpenes, derived directly from the marijuana plant, for a natural flavor and experience

5.Are Jeeter Juice Carts safe to use?

Thanks to advanced technology and pure marijuana oil, Jeeter Juice Carts are extremely safe to use, especially when compared to other cannabis vape cartridges.

6.Can I use Jeeter Juice Carts with any vape pen?

Jeeter Juice Liquid Diamond cartridges have a standard 510 battery thread and are compatible with other batteries allowing for 510 battery vape cartridges

7.How do I save Jeeter Juice Carts to keep their first-rate?

To preserve greatest efficiency, keep vape carts in an upright function, at room temperature, and far from UV mild publicity.

8. Are Jeeter Juice Carts felony in my country, USA?

Jeeter Juice carts are present in California and many different states of USA and some part of Europe and Canada. Before ordering, Review the legality of hashish in each your state or nation of residence and local jurisdiction to ensure you’re following associated laws.

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