Jeeter Sticky Ricky


Indica | Mango x GMO

Jeeter Sticky Ricky is Jeeter’s game day tradition bringing back the celebrated Jeeter x Highsman collaboration, an indica-dominant phenotype of GMO developed alongside NFL star and cannabis eminence Ricky Williams. Also, A ripe, tropical mango inhale—sweeter than sour—dominates on the inhale, while the exhale reveals the earthy funk notes and hints of spicy pine distinctive to GMO.

Sticky Ricky Effect

The effects  Of Jeeter Sticky Ricky start and stay beautifully stoney, unlocking a heavy cerebral euphoria and body tingling sensation that will root you to the couch and keep you there.  Sticky Ricky will be sold with limited edition themed packaging, including a replica Ricky Williams locker to provide your Baby Cannon with a place of honor.


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