Orange Soda


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It is an evenly balanced hybrid strain.

Jeeter Joints

Orange Soda is an evenly balanced hybrid strain with a bright, tropical citrus terpene profile that stems from mysterious genetics. True to its name, the inhale provides a medley of tropical citrus fruit notes with a crisp orange overtone that is as refreshing as it is delicious. Also, You can almost feel the bubbles on your tongue before the exhale reveals a surprising earthy undertone of pine and spice, adding to this unique strain’s complex flavor. The perfect early afternoon toke, will leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted with a nice boost to your appetite.

Orange Soda Effects

Has been found to be good for boosting appetite and dealing with pain and stress. The effects and benefits may vary from user to user. Also, The Orange Soda strain has uplifting, relaxing effects. Wash away the stress of the day and give your spirits a little boost with this strain.



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